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more than paddle boarding

We started the Silver Shark brand ambassador program to empower and support paddlers from around the globe. As a brand ambassador you are part of a community that loves paddle boarding but also does a lot more! We share awesome paddle board locations, give tips and motivation, set up paddle board (yoga) classes etc.


Our mission is to share the feeling of adventure and freedom with you, one paddle board at a time. And what we find most important is giving back to the planet (15% of the profit of the Turtle Yoga Board goes directly to the Reef Renewal Foundation, Bonaire and we often do beach and ocean floor clean-ups).

We love hearing YOUR personal story. You are what makes Silver Shark special. By sharing your Silver Shark adventures you help spread our mission while helping our beautiful Blue Planet. Also, by giving us feedback we can innovate our products every year!

Discounts on all our paddle boards and accessories.

Invitations to our Brand Ambassador paddle events.

The first to hear about and test upcoming products and apparel.

Collaborations with Silver Shark on your social media/website.

Helping important causes together.

And more..
Adventure Awaits!

ambassadors in the spotlight

Audrey Maude.jpg


Îles de la Madeleine, Canada

Je suis devenue une ambassadrice Silver Shark car j'adore Silvershark, tout simplement! Le service que vous offrez à votre clientèle est personnalisé et plus que complet. C'est une expérience en soit et c'est très apprécié. Vous véhiculez une image et une philosophie particulière qui me rejoint totalement.


De par vos produit, vous partagez réellement un mouvement d'aventure et de liberté incroyable. Vous avez créé une petite communauté autour de votre compagnie totalement inclusive. Pour couronner le tout, vous supportez la cause écologique et contribuez au nettoyage de plages et d'océans qui ont en besoin, un paddle à la fois. C'est super! Et je serais très fière d'être ambassadrice pour une belle entreprise Canadienne comme Silver Shark! :)

Brand Ambassador Silver Shark paddle boa


Ottawa, Canada


Duke, my dog, and I love being ambassadors for your Silver Shark. We think that we share a similar appreciation for the feeling and the freedom that supping provides you.


We are passionate about living life to the fullest and are always trying to find new places and adventures to take on together. Being just the two of us on a board, has certainly provided us with that and that is why we fell in love with Stand Up Paddle Boarding the moment we tried.


We quickly realized that it gives us the opportunity to live amazing experiences and create memories that we otherwise could not. Our dream is to one day be stand up paddle boarding on the ocean!


Dog Mat For Paddle Board Canada Silver S
Audrey from ile-de-la-madelain.jpg
Silver Shark paddle board inflatable bra
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Silver Shark paddle boards best inflatab
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