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The Paw Pad™

Let your dog be the captain!

You are enjoying the summer on the water, and of course you want to bring your doggo with you on your adventures! 

But it is hard to make sure your furry friend is comfortable. The front of the board can be slippery and if you put towels under your dog you can be sure to do some extra laundry that day.

Luckily, Silver Shark found the solution!

Presenting the Paw Pad™. 


We have created this pad so your dog can sit proudly on the front of your Silver Shark without damaging the board or slipping off. It is designed with the same non-slip EVA™ material as the foot pad


Its custom shape fits perfectly under the elastic straps so it stays put even when your dog is excitedly jumping around.


Enjoy your summer with your best friend without a worry!

4 Colours to match your silver shark paddle board

The Paw Pad™ | Dog Pad

The Paw Pad™ | Dog Pad

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