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20 incredible paddle board spots near montreal

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Summer is around the corner and we are looking forward to going paddle boarding again. You too? There is no better way to get in the mood than to prepare a PADDLE BOARD BUCKET LIST!

We compiled 20 amazing paddle board spots near Montreal that you can save on your phone for this summer. Paddle board in spectacular lakes with stunning mountains, go SUP camping on an island, get lost in in a SUP labyrinth or just drive 30 minutes to a new beach nearby... this list has a SUP spot for everyone.

Behind every location it states the hours(h) and minutes(m) it takes to get there by car from down town MTL. Enjoy day dreaming of summer:

1. Îles-de-Boucherville National Park (35m)

Beautiful paddle board spot super close to Montreal. The wooden bridges and green reed along the shore make for a scenic SUP tour!

2. Down river from Val David to Val Morin (1h 15m) The calm river flows to Lac Raymond in Val Morin. If you want to do the down river, you can go with two cars. Park one car at Lac Raymond and bring your sups in another car to the start in Val David. On the way, enjoy the scenery and a cold beer at the Ayawan Micro Brewery.

When the river is low during the end of summer, you might need a 4 inch river fin.

3. Lac des 31 milles (3h 35m)

This lake is not super close to Montreal, but we added it to the list because you can camp here for several nights! Make it multi day trip :) This lake is full of small to medium sized islands with picnic benches, fire pits and a space for your tent. Make sure to book in advance as it can get very busy in the summer.

4. Parc Marcil, Valleyfield (1h) Beautiful park with grass to sit and enjoy the sun after your SUP adventure in the St. Laurent river. The water near the shore is very clear.

5. St Timothy Island Park, Valleyfield (52m) This is the St. Laurence river. You can launch from the sandy beach and there are little islands where you can stop!

6. Rivière St Charles, Valleyfield (1h)

Calm, narrow river. Beautiful clear water and a red bridge over water for a perfect Instagram photo.

7. Ste Bernard Island, Chateaugay (30m) The island itself it beautiful to visit. It is a protected nature reserve where you may spot deers and an old monastery. The conditions for paddle boarding are perfect. You are protected form the wind because of the island and the water is clean.

8. Rivière rouge, Labelle (2h)

This river has calm spots but also white water, so make sure to ask the local park for a calm spot. SUP camping spots available along the way.

9. Lac vert, Lac St-Marie (3h 40m) This enchanting lake is worth the long drive. The water is so unimaginably clear. You can see the bottom full of fish, driftwood and light coloured rocks. There is a catch: the lake is hard to find as it has no car access. Lucky for you, we wrote a blog where we explain step-by-step how to get there! Read it here.

10. St Adolphe d'Howard (1h 30m)

You can cross 3 lakes: Lac Saint Joseph, Lac Sainte Marie, Lac-Théodore

Very nice experience as the water is beautiful and clean. There are several islands to dock

11. Chambly Basin (33m) Calm lake surrounded by old churches and fort de Chambly. Short drive from Montreal, perfect for a day trip.

12. Lac Lyster Beach, Coaticook (1h 52m) Beautiful lake with an incredible view of mount Pinacle. You can also hike to the top of this mountain.

13. Parc Nature de l'Anse-à-l'Orme (In Montreal) The body of water is Lake of Two Mountains. This park is a nature reserve in Montreal with public beach. Beside it is cap saint Jacques nature park where you can walk, picnic and paddle board.

14. Sacacomie Lake, Saint-Alexis des Monts (2h) Majestic lake surrounded by pine trees, wooden chalets and a luxury hotel with spa

15. Plage Jean Drapeau (in Montreal)

If you don't feel like driving far away, we recommend Montreal's own wonderful beach in Parc Jean Drapeau. Paddle boarding is a popular activity here.

16. Lac Superieur, Mont Tremblant (1h 35m) Beautiful lake surrounded by the ski hills that are green and lush in the summer. And of course Mont Tremblant itself is a super cozy town to have a walk after paddle boarding.

17. Lac Brompton (1h 38m) Typical Canadian lake, surrounded by picturesque cottages and pine trees.

18. Parc Nature Eco-Odyssee, Wakefield (2h 39m)

This is so cool! A paddle board labyrinth surrounded by nature. A true adventure and once in a life time experience. Note: on google maps it states that the park is temporarily closed, check again before you go.

19. Lac Echo (3h)

This lake is part of the SEPAQ nature reserve. A bit far from Montreal, but you can book off-the-grid camp sites and enjoy the peace and quiet for a couple of days!

Install your Silver Shark Hamac in between two trees at your campsite and enjoy life!!!

20. Parc-mille-iles, Laval (30m)

Amazing paddle board spot super close to Montreal, full of islands and inlets.

Follow us on Instagram @silversharkpaddleboards and tag us when you paddle at one of these locations this summer.

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