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6 special Reasons to fall in love with paddle boarding

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

[February 14, 2021] This Valentine's Day we want to express our love for... paddle boarding. Alone or together, this sport is just LOVELY. Here are 6 Reasons Why:

1. Sunset Paddling As the colors of the sky change to orange, pink and purple, a calmness floods over the lake. The last rays of sun reflect on the water. A time for you reflect on your day as you paddle into the sunset... 2. Sunrise paddling The early alarm was worth it. Moving your body by paddling in the early sets you up for a fantastic day. 3. Night paddling Everything looks different and more mysterious at night. Add lights on your paddle board and paddle under a full moon. Mark your calendar on May 26, 2021 as there will be a beautiful phenomenon called Blood moon: a red glow on the moon during the Total Lunar Eclipse. 4. Paddle board camping What an adventure. You paddled to an island in the middle of the lake to spend the night under the stars! In the day, tie your Silver Shark hammock (coming soon!) between two trees and relaxxxxx. Pro Tip: Tie another paddle board or inflatable dock behind your board filled with camping equipment. Strap extra gear and water on the front and back of the Silver Shark Touring board.

5. Paddling alone Enjoy free time to be 100% yourself! Paddle where you've never been. Meditate on the board to reflect on things. Push yourself during a SUP work-out and paddle fast using your core, arm and leg muscles! 6. Paddling together Share the joy of paddle boarding with a friend or your soulmate. Pro tip: Bring your date or partner on a paddle board picknick trip. Use the straps on the board to bring a fully stocked cooler with snacks and drinks plus a picnic blanket. #Romantic #Suplovers

What do you love about paddle boarding?

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