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autumn paddle boarding tips

We are so happy that lot of Silver Sharks paddlers have shown us photos of paddle boarding in Autumn while looking at the beautiful coloured leaves! Are you planning to go out on your Silver Shark? Here are some tips for your Autumn SUP adventure:


The summer is known for surprise-thunderstorms. But also in the fall, it is very important to check the weather in advance. It can become extremely windy in the fall, so make sure to paddle very close to shore and pick a spot that has an on-shore wind direction. Also check the 'feels like' temperature. It might be sunny, but with cold winds you can be shivering on your board.

Clothing A wet suit or neoprene top is a must-have for paddle boarding in autumn weather! A wet suit is designed to keep you warm even after you have been in the water, as the layer of water between you and the suit warms up.

If you don't own a wet suit, you can wear a sporty winter outfit:

Wear warm but light clothing that allows you to move freely. Instead of wearing a big coat, use layers of thin materials. For example an insulating base layer with on top of this a windbreaker. On the bottom you can wear winter leggings and neoprene boots. We also recommend a neoprene tuque and gloves, as regular material gets very cold when wet! Equipment Beside your important SUP Safety Kit, here are some ideas about what to bring with you on a cold day on the water: What really warms the soul is hot cocoa or tea! Bring an insulated travel bottle under the elastic straps on the front of your board. Also bring plenty of snacks, because while paddle boarding in the cold you burn a lot more calories. Bring a warm-up kit for after your paddle session. This may include a blanket, warm jacket, and towel.

Safety Avoid paddle boarding alone in the fall and be sure to bring your phone (in a waterproof case). Tell friends/family where you are heading. Always wear your surf leash and make sure to be out of the water before dark.

Happy paddling and make sure to tag @silversharkpaddleboards!

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