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Five Paddle Board Adventures With Silver Shark

Silver Shark was created to bring you high quality paddle boards that can take you on any kind of adventure. Canada is a place of wilderness and with Silver Shark you have the opportunity to explore it in a whole new way. We compiled a list of five adventures you can go on with your inflatable SUP.

5 Awesome Paddle Board Adventures

1. Paddling

Paddling of course is the easiest way to explore a lake or a river on a SUP. Bring your Canadian designed Silver Shark board anywhere with our easy-to-carry backpack. That is the bonus of inflatable paddle boards; you can get to hidden lakes and rivers that would otherwise be impossible to reach with a rigid paddle board. This is what we call adventure! When you get to discover uncharted bodies of water. Inflate it and voilà .

2. Rock climbing

You read that right! You can use your Silver Shark SUP to get to a rock face that would be otherwise unreachable by land. Anchor your paddle board or tie it to the rock face and up you go. The upside is that in case you fall, you just land in the water below you and you can swim back to your paddle board for safety. We only recommend this activity to experienced rock climbers.

3. Paddle Board Camping

Go on a wilderness camping trip and bring nothing but your paddle board, tent and supplies! You must have heard of canoe camping.. but that is so 2019! ;) All our Silver Shark paddle boards are equipped with elastic straps on the front. Ideal for strapping down your camping gear and supplies. Also, there will be some more space in front of you on the EVA™ non-slippery foot pad. Pro-tip: you can also pull a second board, inflated mattress or dry-bags behind the paddle board by attaching it to the ring at the end of the board. Paddle into the great outdoors, beach your paddle board and enjoy your Canadian adventure.

4. Snorkeling

Of course paddle boarding brings you to beautiful places above water. But you don't want to miss out on what's below. Shipwrecks, marine life, corals and so much more. Strap your mask and tuba to the front of your SUP and when you reach the destination, jump in. Make sure that you have your foot strap tied to your ankle and the board so it won't float away while you're snorkeling. The 10 ft. Silver Shark foot strap will give you enough freedom to snorkel where you want while being secured to your board. Don't worry, our inflatable paddle boards are light enough that you won't notice too much that you're tethered to it.

5. Yoga

A relaxing, calming and beautiful experience. This is how you can describe yoga as well as paddle boarding. Imagine combining both... sounds perfect to us. The stability, buoyancy and excellent quality of Silver Shark paddle boards makes them ideal for yoga. You can also just relax on it and feel the gentle rocking of the waves and just breathe in the peace that the ocean brings. That is what Silver Shark is all about.

Enjoy your adventures!

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