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How to store your Silver Shark paddle board during the winteR

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

With all this recent snow fall, we think it's fair to say that winter has arrived in Canada! Make sure your Silver Shark inflatable paddle board stays in excellent condition during these white winter months. We made a list of pro tips on how to store your SUP.

How to Store Inflatable Paddle Board in Winter Silver Shark Canada Ottawa

1. WASH Give your SUP one last good wash before storing it. We recommend a light soap and a soft brush to remove the dirt or water stains from your Silver Shark paddle board.

2. DRY Make sure the board is completely dry. That is easier to do while the board is inflated. Use a towel to dry the board and then leave it inflated until it’s 100% dry. When storing an inflatable paddle board wet or damp for long periods of time, it is possible to get stains or mold on the board or foot pad.

3. DEFLATE When the board is completely dry, you can deflate it and pack it up in the Silver Shark backpack. If you have room, you can also store it slightly inflated (8 PSI).

4. CLOSE Keep valve in the closed position, so no moisture can enter the board.

5. ROLL Do not roll the board too tight, as the board will be rolled up during the full winter. You want to avoid that the folds shape your board.

6. STORE Store the board inside at room temperature. Do not store it in a non-heated area as this area can reach freezing temperatures. It is better for the material to be kept at room temperature.

7. PLACE Keep all the accessories in one spot so you don’t loose them and also make sure they are 100% dry to avoid rust.

Now you can dream about that moment in summer where you can grab your Silver Shark again and hit the water. But first, let's enjoy these first snow flakes :) Stay warm & cozy.

- Irene and Alex.

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