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lac echo, QC: Paddle board heaven

Looking through our Silver Shark photos from last summer, we stumbled upon our SUP camping adventure in the Papineau-Labelle wildlife sanctuary. While we remines and start dreaming about summer 2023 we would like to share this guide to Lac Echo with you, so you can put it on your to-do list.


This is a beautiful calm lake, perfect for paddle boarding surrounded by nature. Since it is located inside the Papineau-Labelle wildlife sanctuary, there is no boat launch and you can stay close to nature hearing only the birds and rippling water. On the edge of the lake there is a beach that can get crowded in summer, but as soon as you paddle away from this it is tranquil.

The campsites are situated far apart from each other so you have a lot of privacy. Strap all our equipment on your Silver Shark Touring Board and don't forget your Silver Shark hammock as there are plenty of trees on each campsite to put up the hammock. Read and relax all day and jump in the fresh water to cool off.


Lac Echo is close to Gatineau, Ottawa and Montreal! If you don't want to camp, you can of course visit for the day. If you want to camp, check out the SEPAQ website:

You can opt for the mainland campsite, or for a real adventure you can book one of the private camping sites sprawling along the shore of the lake. Each campsite has a small fire pit and compost toilet. You can access these campsites with your paddle board (not by car). Note: some campsites are a bit far to reach by SUP (especially if it's windy it would be too much) and in this case we recommend a canoe. But if you choose the campsite closest to the main beach, you can get there by SUP. You can rent a canoe to get to the camp site and just bring your Silver Shark paddle board deflated in the backpack so you can paddle board around the campsite!

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