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Ontario’s Caribbean of the north: The ultimate paddle board destination

One of our Brand Ambassadors, Natacha, went on a roadtrip with her partner. A magnificent experience filled with backpacking & paddle boarding through Ontario’s "Caribbean of the North". The crystal clear water and endless hiking trails make it a perfect all-round adventure. And they brought their furry friend with them: Duke!

In the summer we are always getting ready to take on our next adventure with our boy Duke. But this year was somewhat different as international and even interprovincial travels have been restricted; and so summer 2020 has us exploring our own “backyard” and hitting the road to Northern Bruce Peninsula in Ontario.

The road trip:

Ottawa, ON to Lion’s Head, Northern Bruce Peninsula, ON

Departure 7:30am

Arrival 3:30pm

The drive was 580km and took us about 8 hours total with stops, where access to bathrooms were rather limited given the current situation. We opted to take the more scenic route through Collingwood and Owen Sound, where we got some glimpses of the beautiful blue water of Georgian Bay and some nice green landscapes.

Backpacking Hike

The road trip part of our adventure was complete. And now onto the next adventure: backpacking along the Bruce Trail.

The hike was moderate to difficult, but our 12-year-old boy was able to take on the challenge like a champ. The trail offers many beautiful outlooks over the stunning blue and aqua water that makes you believe you are in the Caribbean. The trail is dog-friendly and provides good shade for even the hottest days.


Hiking complete. Now time to set up camp.

Along the Bruce trails, there are designated rest areas that allow you to set up camp for a short period of time (not meant for extended stays), free of charge. There is also a few backcountry camping spots that you can reserve, but they tend to book up rather quickly and you need to book these well in advance.

SUP Touring

After admiring the views from up above, we decided to take our adventures down onto the water.

We inflated our Silver Shark paddle boards and loaded them up with all of our gear. Duke hopped on, and we were ready to head out onto the crystal clear water. The views were just unbelievable! After a jaw-dropping 8km paddle, we arrived at our next rest area along the Bruce Trail and set up camp.

SUP Exploring

While out here in Northern Bruce Peninsula, we knew we wanted to spend most of our time out on the water to truly soak in and enjoy the views as much as possible.

Some great spots we explored on our paddle boards while in the area were: Flower Pot Island, The Grotto and Big Tub Harbour.

If you’re like us and love to take on a road trip that involves a bit of everything from backcountry camping to hiking to paddling with your dog, then Northern Bruce Peninsula should definitely be on your list of places to go. It certainly did not disappoint – after all, Ontario is yours to discover!


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