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Paddle board destinations for snowbirds

Canadian winter doesn’t really give you the opportunity to go paddle boarding year round. Unless you are courageous enough to put on a dry-suit and paddle through icy water of the St. Lawrence River or Lake Ontario.

We know you love the sport, so we compiled a few places that you can bring your Silver Shark paddle board and crush that craving that you have in the dark days of January.

Bonaire An adventurer's paradise.

An exotic destination that not many people know about. This is where we spend our winter and test out the new Silver Shark paddle boards. In front of the harbor the water is crystal clear and a bit hidden from the wind. As you cruise through all the catamarans you will have to chance to see all the marine life that Bonaire is famous for. If you’re a little more adventurous, bring your Silver Shark to the other side of the island where you can navigate through the mangroves.

Aruba Called "One Happy Island" for a reason.

Paddling out from Fisherman’s Hut Beach going North you will come across a partially submerged shipwreck. Follow the coastline and marvel at all the rocky limestone cliffs or beach your Silver Shark paddle board and put your toes in the pristine white sand of the many tiny inlets.

Florida Keys Can you spot Alex on his Sand Shark SUP?

When we spent some time here two years ago, we found this place has some of the most stunning sunsets. Besides, the Keys there are unlimited number of tiny islands too far to reach swimming, but easy to access on your Silver Shark inflatable paddle board! Two must-see sights are the 7-mile bridge and the tip of the Keys, from where you can see Cuba. On a very clear day…with binoculars!

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