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shipwreck paddle boarding on Aruba with silver shark

For those of you who are not familiar with the Island of Aruba: it is a small island in the Caribbean in an area commonly referred to as The dutch Caribbean because of its influence from the West-India trading company. It is nestled close to Venezuela and on a clear day you can see the green lush mountains of the mainland. with some of the most beautiful crystal clear water in the world it is a dream destination for a paddleboard adventure.

This island has a rich heritage of pirates and explorers and for hundreds of years it was a hub of activity for any European ship arriving close to America.

As the Silver shark adventure team arrived on this exotic island, it was clear that exploring it on the ocean by SUP was the best way to embrace the rich coastline and rugged rocks.

The launching site

the trade winds on Aruba blow year round in the same direction. Therefore ,to have a smooth paddle board experience, the west coast is the only place that offers a calmer glide on the water. The Silver shark team chose the fisherman's huts as the launch site for calm sandy beach. Already as we entered the water, we could feel the soothing wind and the soft sand that is typical of the caribbean. There was an abundance of water sport activity, Kitesurfers were flying past our paddleboard and in the distance windsurfers were sailing at incredible speeds towards the open ocean.

The expedition

As we slowly paddled northward toward the tip of the island, we spotted a half submerged shipwreck. Naturally we pointed our board toward the sunken vessel to explore it. As we approached we could see the remains where all rusted, but underwater all the fish used the shipwreck as cover from the pelicans. We tied our boards to the ship and went underwater to see all the beautiful colors that the Caribbean fish have to show.

Jumping back on our boards we still kept our heading going North. As we followed the coastline, we could see all the crabs taking shelter in the razor sharp rocks that are covered with holes and caves to explore.

As we spotted a little sandy area on the shore we decided to get a break and park our boards on the beach known as Boca Catalina. From that vantage point we could see all the catamarans and sailboats anchored not far from us at the famous Antilla shipwreck. After the small break we jumped back on our paddleboards and made for the last stop before the top of the island: Arashi beach. This unique beach receives an influx of swells which make it possible to surf small waves. So waiting for the perfect moment, the team enjoyed some sunset SUP surfing while taking in the views of the tip of the island. The sunset casted a warm flow on the famous California lighthouse. As the sun slowly came down and washed the ocean with the most incredible colors, it was time to deflate the Silver Shark paddle boards and pack up.

The gear

This expedition was one that required some preparation as the team was facing winds, currents and open ocean. After checking the wind conditions it was decided that the Silver Shark Touring paddle board would be the best choice of board for this expedition. Reason being that this paddle board is extremely stable and has extra elastic straps to carry snorkel gear and extra life jackets. The team opted for Carbon shark paddle as continuous long paddling was required and therefore the light weight carbon fiber paddle makes this easier. The silver shark surf leash was used so the paddler was always attached to the board in case he or she would fall off. Also handy during a snorkel session! The Silver Shark dry bag carried all the phones and some snacks.

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