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touring vs. all-round paddle boards

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

It can be hard to choose your first inflatable paddle board. Which board is the best for your level of paddle boarding? Do you want to go on long SUP adventures or just paddle around your cottage? Does the shape of the board matter? At Silver Shark paddle boards we want to make your choice as easy as possible by informing you. Read this blog for all the answers:

The Touring paddle board:

This is a type of paddle board that is starting to gain more popularity on the water as more and more people are picking up the sport, creating a demand for different styles of paddle boards.


The Silver Shark Touring Board has a slim shape: 11 ft. tall x 32" wide. And with not one but two elastic straps, there is a lot of space to bring equipment. Besides this it has two extra carry handles on the front and the back for easy transportation.

It has a pointy tip like a Kayak, known as a displacement hull. SUPs with displacement hulls have a pointed nose on the top to help slide through water, pushing the water around the nose to the sides of the SUP to improve efficiency and create a fast, smooth ride. They also glide straight but are generally a bit less easy to manoeuvre than all-round boards. They are designed that way for a faster pace of paddling on the water.

At Silver Shark, we designed a special touring board that fits the needs of Canadian lakes and rivers. Our touring board has a displacement hull to go faster on the water with a small rocker to not be affected by waves or current. It also makes it possible to use a touring paddleboard in snow/ice condition as the pointed tips will not crash against the ice and damage the board. This unique design of Silver Shark paddleboards makes this type of touring the most useful for our type of conditions.


The touring board is a fast-paced board that is generally used for bigger SUP adventures. As they glide easier on the water it takes less energy to paddle with it, so they are less energy consuming. The maximum rider weight (325 lbs.) is higher than the all-round board. You can ride with two people on this board or bring your dog, camping gear... etc.

People who like to participate in SUP races will generally use a touring board as they can go faster. PRO TIP: upgrade to a carbon fiber paddle to make your paddling even more effortless.


A touring board will fit your needs if you enjoy paddle boarding for the sport aspect of it. You are an adventure seeker that want to go on a longer expedition and at a faster pace. You plan on participating in SUP race or events and want an overall better performance out of your board.

Touring inflatable paddle board race sup 11 ft silver shark canada

The All-Round paddle board

Without a doubt the most popular type of paddle board because of its versatility.


The Silver Shark all-round board is the most versatile board. It is a compact board, perfect for first-time paddle boarders. With a length of 10 ft. this board is not too big and very easy to carry easy to manoeuvre in the water. The width of 32 inches makes this board very stable! Perfect to enjoy yoga poses. It is normally the best choice for beginners.

All-rounds boards have a round shape nose most commonly referred to as the planing hull. A planing hull is flat and wide. It is engineered to ride on top of the water and be easily manoeuvrable. They often have a rocker (nose up) to help handle the waves or some chops. This also adds to the stability.


Being a super versatile type of board, the all-round has all kinds of different usage. They are a great option for recreational paddle boarders or people who are just getting started in the sport. They can be used as longer surfboards for small waves, or are stable enough for SUP fishing. They also can be used for meditation and yoga.


If you simply want to discover the amazing sport of paddle boarding then the all-round is for you. If leisure is your main concern the same thing applies. If you plan on bringing your dog or friend on your adventure the all round will have the room to accommodate your adventure partner! If you plan to do other things than paddling, like meditation or yoga then the all-round is definitely for you.

All-round inflatable paddle board best inflatable sup canada Silver Shark
Both the Silver Shark Touring board and the All-Aroud board are convertible to a SUP kayak, as they fits our Silver Shark kayak seat.

You can now choose the paddle board that suits your needs!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us: or call the Silver Shark team at 6132276197 (leave a voicemail with your phone number for a call back within 24h).

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