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Why winter paddle boarding is popular in Canada

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

winter paddle boarding silver shark paddle boards canada

It is fair to say that paddle boarding is a summer activity. Mostly because it literally falls under the category of water sports. But did you ever think of paddle boarding when the water has turned into ice and snowflakes are falling down? #winterpaddleboarding has become quite popular in Canada. Here are three reasons why:

Winter paddle boarding is... beautiful

Imagine paddling within a white snowy world. White mountain peaks beside you and big snowy flakes falling from the sky. Except your SUP Buddy (because you should not winter paddle alone) you will have the lake to yourself. There will be nobody else on the water and you will see the magical winter world from a whole new perspective.

Winter paddle boarding is... cold (but FUN!)

Find a lake that is not frozen. Or when it is partially frozen avoid the ice as it might scrape your SUP. Are you a good paddle boarder? The water will be super cold so you need a bit of balance ;). If you want to be 100% safe you can wear a dry suit. If you feel confident on your board, you can choose a 7mm wet suit instead. Also neoprene gloves and boots are highly recommended. If it's snowing, grab your ski goggles so you have clear visibility on your SUP. Always stay close to the shore. When you are prepared, a winter paddle session is very fun and adventurous.

Winter paddle boarding is... a great workout

Keep on paddling to stay warm! During summer season you might just sit down on your board or even lay on your SUP for a quick tanning session. But when winter paddling you will have to stay active. Your arms will get enough movement on the board, but also try to engage other parts of your body, like your legs and core.

Are you ready to go paddling in winter wonder land? If you do, post your snowy SUP pics on Instagram with #silversharkpaddleboards

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