Flamingo Yoga Board
Flamingoes are fibrant, flexible and graceful. The perfect animal to represent our yoga board. You can do beginner to advanced yoga poses or meditation on this super comfy and extra stable sup. We've added some extra inches to the width of this board for more room and balance.


At Silver Shark we find it very important to give back to the earth. Our boards are inspired by our blue planet and the Caribbean. Without living coral we cannot have a living ocean. Silver Shark is an official contributor of the Reef Renewal Foundation on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Read all about it here. A part of the profit of the Flamingo Yoga Board will go to this organization. YOU, together with Silver Shark, will hereby adopt a thicket of restored coral. These outplanted corals will continue growing and restoring the shallow-water coral population of a degraded area of Bonaire's reef for many years to come.

Flamingo Yoga Board

  • We are proud to say that all of our inflatable paddle boards are designed in Canada. Quality and performance tests are performed to assure the highest durability. With 6 inch of thickness, our boards are very stable and perfect for beginners as well as advanced paddle boarders. The EVA™ footpad is super comfy and non-slippery. Each Silver Shark board is double layered. Which means not one, but two layers of military grade PVC material. This makes them strong and resilient. 

Recommended: Add a Triple Action Pump for extra easy inflation. This will replace the Dual Action pump that comes standard with the board.

Triple Action Pump


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