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At Silver Shark we have been volunteering a lot of our time for a cause that is very important to us: the Reef Renewal Foundation on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Alex is a volunteer diver at the foundation, restoring and out-planting coral. 

Coral reefs are declining

A cause close to our hearts

Coral reefs are one of the most important eco-systems in the world. They are home to 25% of marine species like turtles, parrot fish and sharks. Unfortunately this vast underwater world is facing destruction and possible extinction.

The Reef Renewal Foundation on Bonaire is literally rebuilding these reefs. To explain it in a simple way, it's basically coral gardening. The divers collect what's called opportunity coral: pieces that have broken off but are still in good health. Or the diver can also cut a small piece of a coral that is at risk and will most likely die. With the goal to replant this piece and grow a new coral. 

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In the Caribbean alone, 60% of the living coral cover has disappeared in the last 30 years.

Mass coral bleaching events

are taking place due to the warming of the ocean and pollution.

what does reef renewal bonaire do?

How to save the reef! Watch this video

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