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The Turtle | Yoga Board
Turtles are often described as slow.
But the truth is: they are perfectly in the flow. Turtles float wherever the current takes them. It is about the journey, not about the destination. That is the one thing they know. This limited edition board is created in collaboration with the Reef Renewal Foundation. Help restore coral reefs.

  • High-tech MSL Structure makes the board light-weight

  • The texture of the foot pad resembles a yoga mat. It is soft and comfortable, and non-slippery. It covers a large area of the board, so you are able to do every yoga pose. 

Width: 33" | Extreme stability

Thickness: 6" | Added buoyancy

Lenght: 11 ft. | Extra space

Silver Shark paddle boards canada.png

Maximum rider weight: 325 lbs

Board style: Yoga, Touring


  • 3 Piece Paddle

  • Dual Action Pump

  • Silver Shark Backpack With Wheels

  • Removable Fin

  • 11ft. Surf Leash

  • Maintenance kit 


At Silver Shark we find it very important to give back to the earth. Our boards are inspired by our blue planet and the Caribbean. Without living coral we cannot have a living ocean. Silver Shark is an official contributor of the Reef Renewal Foundation on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.


15% of the profit of the Turtle Yoga Board will go to this organization.

YOU, together with Silver Shark, will hereby adopt a Coral Nursery Tree. You help build an actual coral tree where baby corals grow to become new reefs!

Subaquatic Life

silver shark x reef renewal

mSl strenght

What matters is on the inside

Silver Shark Inflatable Paddle Board MSL
Yoga SUP paddle board pour yoga.jpg
Yoga SUP paddle board pour yoga.jpg


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