yoga board



The Turtle | Yoga Board
Turtles are often described as slow.
But the truth is: they are perfectly in the flow. Turtles float wherever the current takes them. It is about the journey, not about the destination. That is the one thing they know. 

  • High-tech MSL Structure makes the board light-weight

Width: 33" | Extreme stability

Thickness: 6" | Added buoyancy

Lenght: 11 ft. | Extra space

Maximum rider weight: 325 lbs

Board style: Yoga, Touring


  • 3 Piece Paddle

  • Dual Action Pump

  • Silver Shark Backpack With Wheels

  • Removable Fin

  • 11ft. Surf Leash

  • Maintenance kit 

mSl strenght

What matters is on the inside

Note: When you purchase a Triple Action Pump and/or Carbon Fiber Paddle, it replaces the standard pump and/or paddle that comes with the paddle board on default.