Double Quality

Inflatable paddle boards stay sturdy because of the stitched nylon treads that pull apart when the board is being inflated.


Most brands use just a single layer of liquid PVC to cover these treads. Which comes with some disadvantages.

With only one layer, the sup board is never a 100 percent airtight and will lose shape after frequent usage...

At Silver Shark we put time and effort into our design to bring the best quality boards to you.

That is why all our inflatable paddle boards are double layered. Which means there is an extra layer of reinforced military grade PVC. This makes our boards stiffer, more durable, airtight and will maintain shape no matter how often you use them.

Vibrant colours

Of course your paddle board has to match your fibrant, fun and adventurous lifestyle.

That is why we use beautiful bright pathone colours that are a PVC solid colour and not printed on so the colour does not fade.


The raw material, glue, printing ink and parts

are eco-friendly.

Quality Tested

All Silver Shark inflatable paddle boards are

quality tested after production.

Brand X
Silver Shark

Single layer
Loses shape
Not airtight
Not stiff
Not durable 
Origin unknown 

Double Layer
Maintains shape


Very durable
Local, Canadian brand

Soft touch

Imagine that feeling of cushioning in brand new running shoes.

That is what you will feel while standing on the super soft board deck. 

Your feet will be solid; never slide off as it is also designed to be non-slippery and the EVA traction material gives you extra grip.