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It can be intimidating to choose your first board. Choosing a paddleboard that is not right for you, can impact your summer in a negative way.

Fill in the form and our Silver Shark rep. will give you a FREE call to help YOU choose the BEST SUP for your needs!
No purchase necessary.


I am Alex Poulin, CEO and creator of Silver Shark. A Canadian brand of paddleboards, designed locally by our team. With over 10 years of paddleboard experience, I want to help YOU choose the BEST board for your needs.


I have been an official paddleboard instructor in the Caribbean and Canada, leading tours and teaching people the ins and outs of SUP.

Our boards are specially designed with the idea of paddleboarding in Canada. From pond to lake, river to ocean, winter to summer, sailboat to cottage.

Fill in the form for a free SUP expert call!


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