Silver Shark.
We missed the feeling of true freedom and adventure.
So we created our own.

When we met on a beautiful island called Aruba, every day was an adventure.

Exploring the area, jumping in the water, seeing bright red sunsets and having fun.

We went back to Canada and missed something..

It was not only the warm sun and the pristine white beaches.

What we missed the most was the feeling of true freedom and adventure.

So we decided to bring this feeling to Canada! By Stand Up Paddle Board.

When you are on a Stand Up Paddle Board you have the freedom to paddle as far as you want and see all the mesmerizing surroundings.    

While supping you can discover otherwise unreachable places and you never truly know where you might end up!

That is what we call adventure.

Our passion for water sports made us combine this sense of adventure with the big blue ocean.

Presenting Silver Shark!

We are bringing the Caribbean lifestyle to you. With high quality, double layered inflatable paddle boards inspired by travel and our blue planet.


A Local, personal & Canadian based company.

Alex Brazeau


Happiest when: In or near the water. 

Passion: Helping people become the best version of themselves and teaching them how to Paddle Board!

Goal: To live a happy 'island lifestyle' every day and inspiring others to do so too.

Countries visited: Italy, Cuba, Jamaica, Aruba, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Bonaire, the Netherlands.

Irene Swart


Happiest when: Traveling.

Passion: Bringing happiness and sense of adventure to everyone, one paddle board at a time.

Goal: To save the world one way or another.

Countries visited: Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Lombok, Australia, Aruba, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Bonaire, Canada.