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6 Reasons to gift a Paddle Board on Valentine's Day

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

A paddle board is a very special gift for Valentine's Day. It stands for quality time, adventure and making memories. We created a list of 5 Reasons why a Paddle Board is an excellent gift:

1. Quality time

Imagine paddle boarding together, in the middle of a lake where there is nobody else in sight. Enjoying each others company and having so much fun paddling and jumping off the board for a swim. It is real quality time away from the city and surrounded by nature. Paddling together requires you to be in sync with your partner, paddling at the same speed while chit-chatting about life.

2. Exploring new places together

Having a paddle board motivates you to explore new places. Pack up your paddle boards and hop in your car together on a road trip, on the lookout for a faraway lake or swirling river. Read our blog to plan your road trip! 20 Incredible SUP Spots Near Montreal

3. Paddle board picnic

Going to the same old restaurant for a dinner date can get repetitive. How about a paddle board picnic? Strap a cooler on the front of your board filled with sparkling water, baguettes, hummus, cheese and other dips. Bring a comfy picnic blanket and a Silver Shark hammock in a waterproof bag. Don't forget your speaker for some chill music. You and your partner can then find a cozy spot somewhere along the lake to dock your paddle boards and enjoy this romantic SUP picnic day.

4. Paddle board camping

Another amazing adventure: paddle to an island in the middle of a lake to spend the night under the stars! Tip: Tie another paddle board or inflatable dock behind your board filled with camping equipment. Strap extra gear and water on the front and back of the Silver Shark Touring board.

5. Paddling by yourself

No Valentine's this year? Don't worry. Gift yourself a paddle board and enjoy free time to be 100% YOU! A paddle board helps you get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself during a SUP work-out and paddle fast using your core, arm and leg muscles. Paddle where you've never been. Recharge in nature and meditate on the board.

A paddle board enhances your time together and alone.

All our boards are in stock and will be shipped in 1-3 business days.

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