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What to look for when you buy a sup board

You want to buy a paddle board.. But what to look out for before making a choice? We made a list of the most important factors.

Inflatable vs. Rigid Paddle Boards

Inflatable paddle boards are becoming very popular across Canada and for good reasons. Because of the thousands of nylon threads inside an inflatable paddle board pumped up to 15 psi is as hard as a rigid board.

But you do not need a lot of storage space for inflatable sups. Deflated they become a small package that fits in the SUP backpack. When your family and friends see you having so much fun on your SUP, they'll want one too!

Imagine going to the lake with 4 boards strapped to your car...! The days of roof racks are over. You can easily fit Silver Shark inflatable paddle boards inside a small or medium sized car.

Kids and dogs

Kids love paddle boarding. But they also love playing, jumping and bouncing. Inflatable paddle boards bounce back! Our Silver Shark sups have an extra soft board deck that is made of military grade PVC with an EVA board deck instead of fiberglass. On a rigid paddle board, kids could get hurt as they have a hard surface.

Do you want to bring your dog on a paddle board? No problem. Our sups hold up to 285 lbs and the front is wide enough for a medium-sized dog. Just put your dog on a towel to avoid paw prints ;)

How many layers?

When choosing an inflatable sup, there are two options: single layer and double layer. Single layer sups are not always airtight and lose shape after a while. That is why Silver Shark only provides you with double layered high-quality paddle boards. Two layers of military grade PVC which makes our boards stiffer, more durable and airtight. They will maintain shape no matter how often you use them.


A pointy sup is for racing. For leisure and beginners, a round tip is perfect. 10 ft. is the average length of an inflatable sup. If the sup is longer it means it also takes more space in the water and will be a bit harder to maneuver.

Women's paddle board

10 Foot Paddle Boards are for everybody. So you don't need to look at any specifications regarding men/women. You can just pick a beautiful colour. Most women love our Bamboo Sup and Pink paddle boards!

Your height and weight

Make sure the paddle is adjustable to your height. If your paddle is too long for you, you won't be able to reach the top. If your paddle is too short it means you will have to bend a lot to reach the paddle into the water. This can lead to a bad stance on the board, back pain, knee pain. Also, check if the paddle board is suitable for your weight. Inflatable sups hold more weight than a rigid board.

The thickness of the board

The thickness of the board is what affects its stability. Make sure the inflatable sup is 6 inches thick.

An inflatable paddle board with a thickness of 5 inches has a LOT less buoyancy and you will quickly find your feet touching the water. Our paddle boards hold up to 285 lbs and are 6 inches thick.

Once you have chosen your paddle board, enjoy it on the water! Watch the videos on the bottom of our website to learn how to inflate and deflate your sup.

Start your paddle board adventure with Silver Shark!

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